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12 years old

Quilting Camp

 This camp is for the more experienced sewer who would like to learn new quilting skills.  We will learn some basic machine quilting techniques through the construction of a small quilt or bag and other small projects as time allows.  Prior to the start of camp, we will send you the fabric requirements for your projects.  You will purchase your own fabrics and bring them to camp with you on the first day.  Any additional notions, such as stabilizer, will be provided.  Your own sewing machine is helpful, but not required. 

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Archery Session 2 (Cedarburg) – FULL

This camp is an introduction to basic archery skills and safety.  Using youth compound bows, our experienced instructors will teach you how to hold, aim, draw and shoot.   You’ll get a chance to practice on a variety of targets. You won’t want to miss this week of archery fun!   This camp will meet at the Buckskin Bowman Club located behind Galioto’s restaurant on Wauwatosa Rd. in Cedarburg. 

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Chess Camp (Port Washington)

Checkmate! Whether you are a chess pro, just learning how to play, or don’t know the difference between a bishop and a knight – you are welcome at Chess Camp! Not only will we learn what each piece does, but we will explore game play strategies, identify common chess terms/plays, and enjoy some friendly competition with fellow chess players. As we learn how to make important decisions in our game play, we will also learn from the Bible how to make important decisions in life. We hope to see you there! 

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Daring Detectives

Have you ever wondered how a detective solves a case? Through the thrill of high-stakes investigating, we’ll learn how to test witnesses, examine the evidence, and more. We’ll learn the investigative skills needed to understand and defend the truth about Jesus while also working on the case of the missing skateboard.  We might even have a real live detective visit us on the last day of camp!  

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Honey Bee Camp (Fredonia) – FULL

Honeybees are a fascinating part of God’s creation.  We will learn about the queen, the workers, the colony and all of the amazing things that honeybees do.  We will also harvest some honey and learn a little about what beekeepers do to take care of the bees.   Proverbs 24:13   Eat honey, my son, for it is good; honey from the comb is sweet to your taste. *Note: This will be a hands on experience.  Our bees are quite calm and we handle them all the time without being stung.  That said, they are wild animals and they can be…

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Volleyball Camp

Volleyball Camp – FULL

If you’ve always wanted to try volleyball, this is the camp for you!  We will introduce campers to basic volleyball skills such as passing, setting, hitting and serving using fun games, drills and exercises.  We will also learn how to play in a team setting.   This camp will be held outdoors so please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.  Kneepads are not required.  Please bring a labeled water bottle. 

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About Us

Alliance Bible Church has been offering Summer Adventure Camp for over 22 years. Each year our camp staff is comprised of caring adults, college students and high school helpers who are all passionate about kids (and are fully screened and approved)!


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