Can you prove that God exists? Get ready to examine the evidence and how the universe points to the existence of God!  Is Jesus who He said He was?  Do you know how to investigate Christianity like a detective?  We will use real-life detective skills to uncover the truth about God and Christianity. Through the thrill of high-stakes investigating, we’ll learn how to test witnesses, examine the evidence, and more. We’ll learn the investigative skills needed to understand and defend the truth about Jesus.  Reliable answers for inquiring young minds and hearts. se bring a labeled water bottle. 

  • July 11 -15
  • 9:30a, – 11:00pm
  • 8 – 12 years old
  • Camp limit: 15
  • Cost: $30


About Us

Alliance Bible Church has been offering Summer Adventure Camp for over 20 years. Each year our camp staff is comprised of caring adults, college students and high school helpers who are all passionate about kids (and are fully screened and approved)!


Alliance Bible Church13939 N. Cedarburg RoadMequon, WI 53097